Curtis Axiom / Axiom Hybrid and Helix Prefit barrel (stainless/Carbon fiber



Straight Jacket Armory is Proud to offer our Pre fit barrels for the Cusrtis Custom Axiom!

Our CNC cut stainless match barrels are quickly becoming the standard in pre fit barrels. Used by top NRL competitors. These barrels have re defined how we think about pre fit barrels today.

We offer profits for both the gen1 and gen2 Axioms please enter the serial number of your action to ensure the proper fit and headspace. Thanks to the high presure wash system used in our reaming process, throats and the entire chamber itself have never been smoother and free of tooling marks. this means barrel need less “fire lapping” and start grouping right away! we use only top Quality Blanks cryo treated blanks that are all inspected by use of a Hawkeye Bore scope before your blank is cut.

Just like a custom fit, without sending in your action to the gunsmith! This is do to the extremely consistent tolerances held by Curtis Custom and Our state of the Art CNC machines. This allows us to not only ensure proper headspace and bolt lash, but also timing of the barrel, meaning even our engraving is going to line or “clock” like it would if you had sent your action in for a custom fit.

please use the drop down menu under “contours” to choose barrel type and contours.

please NOTE:

there are two different AXIOM specs. If you are not sure what one you have, please enter your serial # in the provided box.

Watch what they can do with FACTORY AMMO here:


how we make your Match grade Prefit barrels….. its not what think!




Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 4 × 4 in

1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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