About Us

About Us

Welcome To
Straight Jacket Armory

We are a family owned shop based in Evanston, Wy. This shop was built with the idea that customer service, and customer communication should, and always will be paramount!

Our Background

Our background starts in the Competitive shooting industry. However our souls belong to the back country! We spent years lugging around our Competition heavy barreled steal rifles! To say these rifles where sub MOA (.5 moa) is a understatement, but they where bulky and extremely heavy!

So we have set out to build the most accurate, light weight, Carbon fiber and titanium rifles offered anywhere with the customer service you deserve! We also set out to make them preform with the ease and comfort of the competition rifles they where designed after are known and trusted for.

While we are well known for building custom long range rifles for the competition industry, our Packlite rifle series are quickly becoming one of the most popular light weight mountain pack rifles on the market. Capable of  1/2 MOA accuracy without the need to purchase expensive custom made ammunition! (of course hand loading will yield better results, there is really no need to do so). We use only the highest quality accuracy proven carbon fiber barrels, actions, carbon fiber stocks, and triggers.  We also offer a long range shooting school the ensure you get every last yard out of your purchase!


But we dont stop there! our prefit or Pre Chambered barrels are also quickly becoming the standard in accuracy! Just a few short years ago this was thought impossible. today we are using our CNC technology to deliver a shouldered prefit barrel that shoots with the very best barrels offered. We offer these for a verity of actions, Curtis Custom Vector, Curtis Custom Axiom, Helix, Big Horn Origin, Big Horn TL3, and Accuracy International, and Impact 737

Along with a full line of Long range shooting and hunting products, we are sure to have what your looking for!


If you have questions, PLEASE CALL US! we are well known for great customer communication. our staff can help you make decisions about you rifle that will ensure a successful project, and will help you make your dream rifle a reality!

Our Goal

We want to provide you with everything you need to accomplish your goals on the range, and in the field, through cutting edge products and education. There are lots of products to choose from today, but they are all “just a rifle”, unless you have a advocate standing beside you to answer your questions, and provide you with the experience and tactics its take to be effective in the field. Whether you are brand new to long range, or a seasoned vet, Straight Jacket Armory LLC has years of experience in the field and in the shop to provide you with one of a kind service and quality.

Our Promise To You

We promise to provide you with industry leading customer service! this means when you call, at the very least, one of our gun builders will return your call! We stand behind our work, and 100% guarantee our products and the products we sell to be free from defect, and will meet or exceed your expectations. We want to be known as the very best in customer satisfaction in our industry!

Tristen Arnold,
Vice President of Operations