We want to be known as the very best in customer satisfaction in our industry

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We are a family owned shop based in Evanston, Wy. This shop was built with the idea that customer service, and customer communication should, and always will be paramount!

Straight Jacket Armory LLC was started By the Arnold Family as a competition based, Long Range Custom Rifle Builder.

Moving forward we are now building one of the leading lightweight, sub-MOA, Long-range Custom Hunting rifles on the market today! Our Hunting rifles are made to the same exacting tolerances that our match rifles are known for.

We offer our popular Packlite rifles on both Titanium and Stainless actions. Using industry-leading Carbon Fiber Barrels known for Match grade accuracy, and time tested products in our design. this means our rifles are as durable as they are accurate. Hunt or compete with confidence knowing when it’s time the system will work as it should, and your hard work will pay off season after season!

From Our Titanium Long range hunting Rifles to Our Long Range Shooting School, Straight Jacket Armory has become one of the Premier shops to offer everything from Pre-fit Barrels for most of today’s popular actions such as Curtis Custom, Big Horn, Impact, Accuracy International, and Terminus. To accessories such as Triggers, Stocks, Chassis, Rifle Scopes, Rangefinders and more.

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Our Background

Our Goal

We want to provide you with everything you need to accomplish your goals on the range, and in the field, through cutting edge products and education. There are lots of products to choose from today, but they are all “just a rifle”, unless you have a advocate standing beside you to answer your questions, and provide you with the experience and tactics its take to be effective in the field. Whether you are brand new to long range, or a seasoned vet, Straight Jacket Armory LLC has years of experience in the field and in the shop to provide you with one of a kind service and quality.

Our Promise To You

We promise to provide you with industry leading customer service! this means when you call, at the very least, one of our gun builders will return your call! We stand behind our work, and 100% guarantee our products and the products we sell to be free from defect, and will meet or exceed your expectations. We want to be known as the very best in customer satisfaction in our industry!

Pre Fit Barrels

Match Grade Pre Fit Barrels

Learn how to shoot like pro! Take advantage of our Long Range shooting school, and learn how to shoot your long range rifle system! Specializing in teaching you  how to confidently take long range shots out past 1000 yards on our private 1 mile shooting range in Evanston Wyoming.

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In Custom Rifles

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