Curtis Custom Valor Helix Axiom Barreled Actions




LEAD TIMES CAN VARY greatly with this product, please call the shop before ordering and get a updated lead time


New chambers listed:


300 PRC

6.5 PRC

6 GT

22 GT




The Curtis Custom Line of actions has been Voted the most popular action used by Precision Rifle League and National Rifle League. Paired Up with our Pre-fit barrels offered in both stainless steel and Carbon fiber.  You really can’t go wrong!


Barreled Actions are available with Curtis Custom Valor Axiom, Axiom Hybrid hunter, Helix, three lug actions.


The 60 deg bolt lift of the Curtis line of actions has given it a edge not only with Match and hunters alike! The fast follow-up shot matters! And the time it takes you to run a bolt, can be and most of them are the reason you may run out of time to make a follow-up shot if needed.


Using the latest CNC technology, and Craftsmanship we offer a chamber above the rest!  Chambers with a finish that is actually smoother then the barrels lap! What does this mean for you? Better accuracy right off the bat. A chamber that is not fussy, and will shoot even inexpensive factory ammo with amazing results, and low SDS. If you have any questions, we are here to answer them! Please feel free to call and ask as many questions as you can, our customer service is what we are known for!

Price reflects the cost of Stainless barrel only, add the action you want and select your options to see the price change for your desired order.

We Also Offer other Custom Contours, twists, and chambers! Don’t see yours listed? Please give us a call and we will put a custom order together for you!

using the pull-down menu please choose,


barrel contour/stainless/carbon





Order Lead Times

Orders are filled first come first serve, barreled actions are custom-built to order. Please allow 10-12 weeks for stainless barrels, and 12-16+ weeks for carbon barrels to ship. no refunds are given on orders not canceled VIA phone within 24hr.  Remember ALL GOOD THINGS ARE WORTH THE WAIT!

what can you expect?



Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 4 × 4 in


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