Kelbly's Atlas Tacitical liteKelbly's Atlas Tacitical lite

Kelbly’s Atlas Tactical lite Barreled action


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The all-new Kelbly’s Atlas is now even better! Coming in at only 24oz (short action) Paired up with our line of Carbon Fiber barrels from Benchmark and Proof Research it just don’t get much more accurate or lightweight!

Best Lightweight barreled action on the market! Kelblys has been making some of the most accurate match grade prefit capable actions on the market for the last 40 years!

Paired up with us, this is a package you can drop in a Carbon fiber stock or Lightweight Chassis.

These actions are Rem700 Clones and will fit most chassis and stock with the rem700 inlet. a small change may be need to fit the trigger hanger (ask your smith, or give us a call)

We are only offering these in a limited quantity in order to hold down lead times as best we can. Stock will update each month.

we are only offering the first batch as a black Friday preorder, and only

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 6 × 6 in


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