Packlite Ti Rellik long range rifle



The Titainum Packlite rifle is our flagship model!

(offer good until 12-31-2021- we want to invest in you! get a FREE 2 day long range hunting class on our private 1800 yard range! (a 1,800.00 value) when you purchase a Packlite)

We start with a solid ti CRUX action that sports a 70deg bolt throw and DLC coating ensuring years of friction free use, this action is sure to please the most demanding Marksmen. Moving onto the time tested and arguably most accurate barrel produced, we are proud to offer Proof Research Carbon fiber Barrels, capped off with our self timing shot caller muzzle brake making this rifle look and feel like the high end PRS style match gun it is designed after. A true no Excuses rifle! While there are many rifles that are light weight on the market, Our Packlite Series was modeled after today’s leading ergonomic technology allowing you to effortlessly place repeatable pressure on the system. This allows you the shoot the system with very little effort, allowing you to place shots on target at extended ranges.

The stock,
Built for us by premier stock builder AG composites. Coming in at 28oz Carbon fiber gem that is ergonomically correct in every-way! giving you effortless control over the rifle system from any position you may find yourself in. coming standard with a 3.5″ atlas mount (rail) to mount today’s most popular bi-pod systems. Slings are mounted using a rear stud and the ball socket built into the Atlas mount on the fore end. with Hydro graphics and custom Cerakote available, your rifle will look like no one else, and be truly a custom piece that is rugged and one of a kind.

The trigger,
available in both single and 2 stage the Bix and Andy TAC-SPORT PRO runs great under pressure, and is one of the best feeling trigger offered today.

Bottom metal can be had in either BDL or M5 (detachable box mags) based on your needs in the field. The BDL (hinged floor plate) offers a familiar and classic look, while the M5 offers a more modern, tactical look while providing unmatched reliability and smooth performance.

We host a ton of options STANDARD! Because we strongly believe these accessorizes are paramount to the performance of the system, we decided not to charge extra! we want to ensure your success!

Cerakote- up to 3 colors
bottom metal- choice of BDL or m5
barrel length-
Sling Studs or Atlas mount
Crowned/ threaded/ brake… add what you want!
boyts Hard case, standard…..

weights run between 5 pounds 10oz and 6 pounds 14 ounces depending on build options

Rifles are built to order! please allow 7/10 months (actual leads times can very based on order please call for real time updates)

If your unsure about ANYTHING please call and talk with one of our builders! we will be happy to answer all of your questions, and place your order personally!

307-707-3181 ext 1

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 12 × 4 in


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