NOTE: now also available in LONG ACTION! (ADD 100.00)

Long actions use a AICS pattern 3.715 mag Available here in 3 or 5 rounds. this mag is not suited for the 300PRC/338 lapua. this is why we have not listed them.


The Oryx PRS Production rifle By Straight Jacket Armory is built using the new Oryx Chassis by MDT. Custom chambers are available but these orders need to be called in. Barrels come standard with 5/8″x24tpi threads, and a thread protector. we also include a a 5 round mag for 308 based cases, a 3 round mag for short mag cases, and a 10 round mag for .223.

The Action,

We use the Origin RD3 fully DLC coated short action from Zermatt Arms. The Origin action sports both a Mechanical ejector and controlled round feed!  In fact the action itself is so smooth you can load the chamber by simply whipping the rifle froward! Bolt faces are easy to swap out for different sizes, and can be changed without tools in just seconds. This allows you to purchase multiple barrels for your rifle. We also offer Sherman Short Mags!


The Barrels,

we offer the Oryx Rifle in both Carbon Fiber (Proof Research) and Match grade Stainless steel. Our barrels are cut using state of art CNC technology. This gives you a match quality chamber and dimensional accuracy that allows you to order multiple barrels for your rifle!

The Trigger;

we use the Timney HIT trigger on the Oryx Rifle. clean breaking and adjustable from 8oz-1.5 pounds this trigger pleases even the biggest trigger snob!

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 12 × 2 in


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