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Our CNC cut stainless match barrels are quickly becoming the standard in pre-fit barrels. Used by top NRL competitors, ELR, and Long range hunters! Our barrels have redefined how we think about pre-fit barrels today. We are proud to offer profits for both the Lone Peak Arms Razor, And Lone Peak Arms Fuzion! Thanks to the high-pressure wash system used in our reaming process, throats and the entire chamber itself have never been smoother and free of tooling marks. This means a barrel that needs MUCH  less “fire lapping” (if any) before it starts grouping, in fact, this barrel will shoot most factory ammo .5 MOA or better right away! We use only top-quality blanks cryo-treated blanks that are all inspected by use of a Hawkeye Bore scope before your blank is cut, and after. we use high-quality ring gauges to ensure your favorite accessories fit and function as they should.

these barrels are best used in a chassis. Please call before ordering if you plan to drop into a stock to ensure the barrel fits your barrel channel. (307)-707-3181 ext 1

We also offer Bartlein and Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrels! (please select in the drop-down menu)

most popular reamers are in stock like the new 7 PRC, 6.5 PRC, 6GT, 22GT, 300PRC and the new for 2022 7 PRC

NOTE: only a handful of Fuzion actions have been “timed”.  This means the markings on the barrels may not line up properly.  While this will not affect anything other than cosmetics, we felt you should know upfront. Fuzion actions made after August 2019 will all be timed and markings will be correctly lined up.



Our Stainless Steel barrels by Benchmark are running 3-4 weeks to ship. if you are in a hurry…. Please call the shop, we have a RUSH service (add 125$) that we can offer over the phone that will get “in stock” blanks cut and shipped in  3-5 days. 307-707-3181

Carbon Fiber Barrels are running back around 16-18 weeks and can take longer. we are also very happy to cut a provided blank that you send to us and have it turned out in 3-4 weeks. for this we highly recommend purchasing your barrel from Paul Butler at Evolved Ballistics, they drop ship barrels to us for customs every day, and both our companies are happy to help!

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 4 × 4 in


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