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Kelbly’s Atlas Tactical Prefit Barrels





Straight Jacket Armory is proud to offer Pre-fit barrel for the Kelblys Atlas tactical, and Atlas Lite , and the Nanook action (use drop down to choose specs)

LEAD times for Stainless MTU/COMP and VCC competition contours are running at 3-4 weeks in 6.5 and 6mm

Carbon Fiber is all the map at this time. please call or email. lead times on stainless proof/ and carbon fiber can be as high as 12-16 weeks, some orders can go out much much faster depending on your specs, while others are taking longer. this is a very small industry that is tasked with providing a very unique product and are held to extremely tight specs.


NEW REAMERS ARE ADDED ALL THE TIME, PLEASE SCROLL TO THE END OF THE DROP-DOWN BOX TO VIEW ALL CHAMBERS, we have the most popular reamers in stock, along with the new 7 PRC, 6 GT, 22GT, 300PRC, 6.5PRC and many many more

CNC-cut stainless match barrels are quickly becoming the standard in pre-fit barrels. Used by top NRL competitors, these barrels have redefined how we think about pre-fit barrels today. We offer profits for both the gen1 and gen2 Axioms please enter the serial number of your action to ensure the proper fit and headspace. thanks to the high-pressure wash system used in our reaming process, throats and the entire chamber itself have never been smoother and free of tooling marks. this means the barrel needs less “fire lapping” and starts grouping right away! We use only top quality blanks cryo-treated blanks that are all inspected by the use of a Hawkeye Borescope before your blank is cut.

these barrels are best used in a chassis. Please call before ordering if you plan to drop into a stock to ensure the barrel fits your barrel channel. (307)-707-3181 ext 1

we also offer Proof Carbon Fiber, and Benchmark Carbon Fiber

Barrels are made to order

Pre-fit barrel orders are NON-REFUNDABLE!!!!

Watch what they do with Factory Ammo:


Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 4 × 4 in


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