Intro To Precision Reloading LIVE for Long Range shooting


Reload with us Live!

questions answered live durning this 4 hour long class in the comfort of your own reloading room.


This class will guide you through learning the fundamentals of precision reloading techniques. In the comment box below please list 1 or 2 questions you have regarding reloading and we will answer live the most popular questions. Codes will be sent out the day before the live stream to people who purchase this class. This is a very in-depth class that will focus most on setting you up for making loads that work!

Too often we find “tips” from forum pros that just don’t pan out, and we end up just wasting time and hard-earned money spent on very expensive reloading components. Get the facts here live as we step you through everything from setup to load work from the guys who spend all day building the barrels and rifles known for match-grade accuracy!


Topics Covered:

Equipment setup and Review:

Press/ single-stage

sizing dies (setting up shoulder bump, and neck tension)

Seating dies (setting seating depth and finding your lands)

Priming tools

Deburring/ case trimming (trimming Case length) (neck turning will not be covered)

Safety and Safe storage

powders, primers and projectiles what combos work best

what NOT to do! (this is a big one)


Setting up for success:

setting jump for your rifle (how it works and how to measure)

Ladder testing, ( we will explain both 500 yard ladders, and using a chronograph to find “nodes”

Charging the case with powder, (and a look at different scales and tips to keep them working correctly)



1 hour of Live Questions and Answers, NOTE you must be on a PC or Laptop to use this feature, Android and IOS are great for viewing the class but you will not be able to ask live questions.