Barreled Actions & Prefit Barrels 2Barreled Actions & Prefit Barrels 2

In Stock Benchmark 6.5 and 6mm Competition barrel sale Pre-fit barrel


Out of stock

Email when stock available


These Barrel Blanks are in stock! They still need to be cut and Chambered to your specs:

6.5mm MTU (competition contours) are back in stock!


These Barrels are made specifically for Precision Rifle shooters, and National Rifle League Shooters.

We can cut these blanks for:

Impact 737

Impact 787

Falkor 7

Curtis custom valor

Curtis custom axiom

Curtis custom hybrid actions

Zermatt arms origin and TL3

Kelbly’s Actions

Defiance Tenacity, Ruckus, Anti and Anti X




and a few more!



Normally priced at 800(ish) with options, we have an overstock of Benchmark Cut Rifled barrel blanks that are on the shelf and ready to be cut. ALL ORDERS come with FREE BILLET thread protectors!

this is a one-time deal, and lead times to ship will be 4-6 weeks without cerakote and 5-7 weeks with cerakote.

Order Expitdites are available for this product only and they will ship in 3-4days without Cerakote and 4-5 days with cerakote.


please look at the options below, these are only available in 6.5mm 8twist and 6mm (7 twist ) in a COMP contour. we had these barrels custom contoured to match the Proof Research Comp contour, 1.25″ breach that straight tapers to about .950 @ 28″.

this is a Modified version of a MTU contour and will fit into any chassis (that we know of anyway) from MPA, MDT, XLR, and more..



  1. Robin (verified owner)

    Received the barrel a month ago, 26″ mtu contour 6MM chamber in 6mm dasher, just break it in, and during break in procedure, it potential holds on 3/4 MOA with 107 SMK and Berger 105 BT, and Berger hybrid 105. Right now go with Berger hybrid 105 combined with varget power shoot 5 shot group at 0.28 edge to edge (same hole) , impressive! (Straightjacketarmory) did a excellent job.
    Setup with this barrel:
    Impact 737, mpa com chassis, apa brake.Triggertech diamond, nightforce atacr 7-35. No matter you need for hunting application or competition shooting. Here is the right place to you to order your barrel.
    No one sponsor or donate to me any money or gift. I am just a regular shooter.

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