Big Horn Origin Action



We are proud to offer the The Origin action by Zermatt Arms.  The Origin action incorporates features from the Bighorn TL3 and SR3 line of actions. This action is machined from pre-hardened chromoly steel. Features include a pinned recoil lug, Savage small shank thread tenon, floating and interchangeable bolt head, controlled round feed, spiral fluted bolt, mechanical ejector and bayonet style firing pin assembly.


The Origin comes standard with standard Remington style feed lips for ADL/BDL (hinged floor plate) internals and all AICS pattern magazines to max COAL’s of 2.980″ in short action. For the long action version the AICS magazine wells will accept all AICS pattern magazines and COAL’s of 3.850″ (CIP Length). Origin actions are cut with the Bighorn trim tang which is most similar to Remington 700 actions. The Origin bolt handle is swept to mimic the Remington 700 as well.

Origin actions come with 20 MOA rails only.

The ORIGIN action by ZAI includes some major features from ZAI’s Bighorn line of actions such as:
– pinned rail
– fluted bolt body
– floating and interchangeable bolt head
controlled round feed
– fully enclosed mechanical ejector
– Remington style feed lips
New features for the ORIGIN are:
– pinned recoil lug
– swept bolt handle
– DLC coated bolt heads
– Salt bath nitride receiver and bolt body
Standard compatibility options include but are not limited to:
– Savage small shank pre-fit barrels
– Remington Model 700 inlet stocks and chassis
– Remington Model 700 aftermarket triggers
– Hinged floor plate internal box magazines
– AICS style detached box magazines (not AW)
– All of Bighorn Arms bolt knobs (5 options)

Estimated lead time for this action are 3-6 weeks for standard SA and LA configurations


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